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BIT HIT LTD designed to help investors increase their assets with the least amount of losses and risk in the world of cryptocurrencies and to be less exposed to sharp fluctuations. Based on this, we designed a platform to greatly reduce the gap between these extreme fluctuations and the loss of their capital.

BIT HIT LTD has grown exponentially and is doing so for investors who do not have the necessary and sufficient experience. Our teams mission is to identify and analyze the ICO, and investors no longer have to bother in this area, just trust us. We use our own set of criteria to select a project and then invest capital in pre-sale and private sales. The projects we select are mostly high-tech Blockchain projects that have very high potential. They have our minimum profit to meet the margins.

BIT HIT LTD is a trusted name in the global financial services industry. Our in-depth understanding spans investment types cryptocurrency & ICO. We are on top of emerging regulation and invest in training and professional development to stay ahead of the issues. Many members of our team have worked for, or closely with, the worlds leading regulators.



11% Daily for 10 Calendar Days

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